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Khuzdar (Brahui/Balochi: خوزدار; Urdu: خضدار, pronounced ['xʊzd̪ɑːɾ]), historically known as Qusdar (Arabic: قصدار, romanized: quṣdār), is the capital city of Khuzdar District in the central part of Balochistan Province, Pakistan. Khuzdar is the 2nd-largest city of Balochistan province and It is the 47th largest city of Pakistan by population according to the 2017 census.. Historically, Khuzdar was the main city and capital of the Jhalawan province of the Khanate of Kalat. From October 1952 to 1955, it became part of the Balochistan States Union. In 1955, Khuzdar became the capital of the newly formed Kalat Division. Currently, It is the largest Brahui-speaking city.

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